Digital regards for an unique email-communication

Put an end to boring and impersonal "sincerely" in generated emails to customers

From now on it will be impressive - with the Regards-API from Optee. Easily integrated, the API knows weekdays, important events, bundled holidays and provides a greeting for your contact-, order-, delivery-confirmation or other emails that you send via software.

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The following demo uses sample data, e.g. Berlin as a separate city, Berlin as city of your recipient and today is a regular day of the week. Just reload the page for another impression..
xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx, xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx.

Best regards,

Andreas David

How does the API work?

It's easy. The Regards-API has many basic wording, knows your location, nationwide holidays, important events (New Year, Easter, etc.). The API requires an APIKEY:
For english language simply add the language to your query:
It becomes more individual if you also provide the recipient's city.
Also, own events, e.g. order confirmations, birthdays etc. can be defined and converted into greetings. Just send the event next to the city.

Features & advantages

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